What are the basic specifications of the boat?

The boat is 62 feet (18.9m) long and has a beam of 31 feet (9.5m). It weighs 26 tons, has a maximum speed of 17 knots and is powered by two Volvo Penta D4-225 CV with Glass Cockpit and auto-prop feathering propellers. The sails surface area is 190 m2, with below deck captive winches. The range of the X1 is 600 miles thanks to its large fuel tanks. The hull of the boat is constructed by a state-of-the-art vacuum infusion technique, with a composite of vinilester PRFV, carbon fibre y kevlar, for increased durability/strenght and reduced weight. The boat has a category A Ocean rating.

WHy create the x1?

We believe the current mid-sized yachting industry is locked in a status-quo of preconceived designs, and compromises boat owners need to assume.  The X1 offers something very special and unique; a design that started with a blank piece of paper, in an attempt to fuse performance with comfort, design with functionality, tradition with technology. We wanted to bring innovations and designs currently only seen in mega-yachts and make them available to the mid-sized boat owners. We believe the X1 is in a league and category of its own; superior to current alternatives available on the market. This is why we created the X1, and we think you will be impressed.

When can i see the boat?

Construction of the first unit is being completed and is expected to be delivered in early 2020. The boat is expected to make its appearance in major European boat shows during the Summer and Autumn of 2020.


The boat can be purchased in a sailing or motor yacht configuration with more powerful engines. Additional interior configurations are available.

how many cabins does the boat have?

Depending on the configuration, the boat has 3 or 4 large cabins, with an additional cabin for the crew.

can I purchase the boat?

Yes, we are currently accepting orders.